Sunday 19th March

This morning at 10am Alan will preach on Eternal Values – Hope

After the meeting there will be a Special Members Meeting.  We encourage all members to kindly attend.

At 6.30pm is our Healing and Communion Service – All welcome!

Encountering Jesus

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the Life…”  When people encounter Jesus – whether in the Bible or in our contemporary world – things change!  How can we possibly encounter Jesus and remain the same?!  In a few weeks leading up to Easter, we will look at some of the simple encounters people had with Jesus, and the transformation those encounters brought.  We can expect our lives to be changed, too, as we open ourselves to the transforming love and power of Jesus!

Eternal Values

Do you ever feel that, once this life is over and we meet Jesus face to face, the need for Faith, hope and love would be replaced? But Paul says that these 3 values will remain when all else is finished – we will still need to exercise faith, hope and love in heaven. As eternal values, it might be as well to learn how to develop them now!!

A short, 3 week series, starting SUNDAY 5 March, seeks to encourage us towards greater faith, hope and love. Love to see you there; hope you can make it (pun intended!)