Outside Light started about 7 years ago when it was called the Gloster Road Group. It started as a group of 5 people praying and asking the Lord to show us what he wanted us to do in the community.
We came to the conclusion that we should start working with youth down the most disadvantaged road in Old Woking.
That is where the name ‘The Gloster Road Group’ came from.

For three and a half years we worked with the youth in Old Woking by:
· Opening a ‘drop in’ for youth in Old Woking
· Bike-mending on the streets
· Outings
· Football
· Working with families

Three years ago we met John Durrant who believed that God was telling him to do something with troublesome youth. He had a name for whatever he was going to do. It was Outside Light.
We met up with John and decided to join forces calling ourselves Outside Light.
George Osbourne (an evangelist working with St John’s Church) also joined.
We formed a leadership team with John Durrant, Phil Hazelden, Nick Hill, George Osbourne and Nancy Evans.

Since then new groups have been added and the emphasis has moved from not just youth but to outreach in general, mostly with an emphasis on needy people.
1. Work with youth in Knaphill
2. Work with youth in Old Woking
3. Evangelistic outreach in Woking town centre
4. Outreach to people in need because of homelessness or drugs.

We also have a very strong emphasis on working with different churches and encouraging christians within those churches to get out of the building and onto the streets, taking the message of God’s love to whoever they meet, also to encourage other people’s ideas on how to do more in the way of evangelism and practical outreach.

This brings us to the present day.

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