House rules

These house rules have been established to ensure everyone can get the most out of the New Life Church website.
The website is moderated by a team of volunteers who will apply the house rules and the terms and conditions of use. Users may report breaches of the rules to the moderators.
1. Please respect other users and do not break the law. This means no abusive, threatening, libellous or obscene messages, or messages that may otherwise be considered offensive.
2. The website is not a shop so please don’t advertise or promote products and services on the website in any way
3. What works for you may not work for others, so please don’t give other people direct advice
4. Researchers and campaigners: Please DO NOT attempt to gather research material through the website (for example, promote surveys). Links to campaigns and petitions are allowed at the discretion of the website manager. Prior permission is not required for campaigns and petitions.
5: Please be careful when you copy and paste text, that does not belong to you, into your posts. Quoting a few lines with an attribution is acceptable and know as ‘fair use’. If you copy large pieces of text without permission, you (and New Life Church) may be liable to legal action from the content owner. We recommend you create a link to any major content to which you wish to refer.
6. If you are under 15 you should not post unless you are supervised by an adult – this is for your own safety.
7. Play it straight – don’t impersonate anyone or set up multiple accounts
8. Posting multiple copies of the same message is not on – it will be considered spam and will be deleted
9. Whilst image and photos are fun in posts, they can slow things down and potentially cause database problems. All Images will be removed by moderators.
10. Maintain a safe website for everyone – don’t post, or add to your profile links to other websites which may conflict directly or in spirit with our House rules or Terms and conditions of use. New Life Church reserve the right to delete links as it feels fit.