It was recently agreed that NLC House Groups will be suspended at the end of May while the church reviews the future of small groups. We know that
this has caused some misgivings among some, and are sorry for any disappointment caused.

However, our present structure has been in existence for at least 20 years, and is experiencing strain. A number of leaders need a break, and attempts to recruit new leaders
have not been successful. We also believe that God is on the verge of doing a “new thing” with increased growth, so we’re aiming to find a flexible, new structure that is adaptable and able to contain what God does.


NLC believes that the “small group experience” is important, and increasingly so with a growing congregation. We also believe that God brings together people with different interests and needs. A “one style fits all” approach based on the the best common denominator leaves many feeling dissatisfied.

We envisage a flexible structure made up of small groups that have distinct “flavours” to suit a larger number of people. The core activity of the groups will vary – for example, Bible Study, Worship, Snooker, Cycling, Painting, Reading, etc… They may meet at different times, places, and frequencies, but provide for pastoral care, spiritual growth and developing friendships.

We would like to canvas opinion from all who attend NLC to help us work towards a “New Wineskin”. Please take this opportunity to help us develop a relevant, flexible small group network which will serve us for the coming years.